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Discover the joy of making

Totem is an open source all-in-one DIY construction system for makers of all levels.

The system provides unique mechanical parts, electronic modules and software solutions.

A new user-friendly way of building

mechanics and electronics




Totem compatible with:

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Totem Mechanics


Totem mechanics: perfect for building even complex models.

Totem system is like no other – it is tailor made for building electronics and modelling together.

For those searching for a friendly universal system for building robots, structures for electronics or prototyping.

Smart tools

  • Beam Cutter – makes it a breeze to cut beams.

  • Board Cutter – cut straight or angled cuts – create your own shapes.

  • Magnetic screwdriver – bolt firmly stays on screwdriver even when shaking it.

User friendly

  • Beams – unleash your imagination. Cut the plastic beams into the required lengths.

  • Boards – need a special size board to cover or attach something to? Cut it to the shape you want! 

  • No need to have the exact length of beams or other parts for your project.

  • Special nuts that stay in the structure before the bolts are tightened.

Unique structures

  • Build joints of up to 6 beams with the unique joint fixing method, no parts stick out of the frame, nice structure.

  • Build your electronics prototypes in 3D.

  • Easy to modify and expand.

Totem Electronics


Totem electronics: a complete system that will make your Raspberry PI or Arduino do great stuff.

40+ function boards together with Raspberry PI compatible shields makes it easy to unleash your creativity.

Compact structures

  • Snap-on connections between function and base boards.
  • 40+ function boards – ranging from simple switches up to NFC controllers.
  • Brokers – for talking with the base boards and acting as a gateway IoT device.





User friendly

  • Super easy cabling – only one flat cable needed to go through all Totem modules.
  • The baseboard nodes read which function board is plugged in, and if necessary, it loads new firmware automatically.
  • Bluetooth compatible – bring your construction to the mobile world.


Intelligent solutions

  • Wired or wireless base boards for controlling your function boards.

Totem BUS


Totem Bus – a unique way to interconnect Totem electronic modules. It is a fast 1 Mbit highway with plug and play capabilities.

CAN Bus together with short circuit or overload protection makes the system resilient and user-friendly.

Easy wiring

  • Daisy-chained connections – only one cable necessary for even the largest systems.
  • 5V logic and 12V power signals integrated into the bus – no separate power cables.

Smart connections

  • Easily made cables – press-fit connectors used.




Robust connections

  • CAN Bus based – robust high-speed communications even between long distances.
  • Protection against short circuits or overloads.

Totem Software


Bring your boards to life!

Totem Apps are Open Source and based on MQTT standards which lets you create even advanced IoT projects.

Bluetooth enabled boards let you use your smart phone to control your creations.


  • Based on open MQTT standard.
  • User-friendly interactive interface on your PC or mobile device.

Hassle-free interface

  • Object-oriented scripting interface.
  • Compatible with Blockly programming language.
  • Automatic connected board detection and recognition – no setups needed.
  • Scripting your creation behaviour takes only seconds and comes into effect immediately – no more fiddling with wires or programmers.


Open source

  • All software is Open Source, and we welcome the community to add functionality to Chief Applications.




Designed by makers for makers

I am an electronics engineer and a creator and I've always loved to make things. While building different mechanical or electronics projects, I've often faced some important problems. Firstly, I could not find any construction system with the features that I needed. Secondly, it often got messy trying to solve the problems with what I had in my workshop. It was also time consuming because I had to search for parts, often with different sizes and from different sources. I couldn't find a one-stop-shop system anywhere. After a while I got tired of solving problems this way. I wanted to invent a new way of building that had the key features I wanted: completeness and user friendliness. My idea has grown into an entire building system which I want to share with you.

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